How Much Do Plastic Surgeons Make On Average?


So How Much Do Plastic Surgeons Make? 


Plastic surgery is a specialized area of medicine that requires surgical correction of form or function on the human body. Plastic surgery is performed on people who either need to correct a deformity like an after effect of an accident or those who simply try to enhance their physical appearance because they are not satisfied with what they have.

Plastic surgeons who undertake this task must complete a full six years of surgical residency, but it doesn’t end there, they keep training and building professional experience. In light of this, how much do plastic surgeons make ? That is what this article talks about.

It’s a bit difficult to pin an exact figure on the amount of money a plastic surgeon receives. This is because salaries vary according to factors such as the level of work experience, location and type of surgery done. Stating a fixed amount is like having one size of shirt sewn for a bunch of kids in a class whether they are fat, slim, short or tall.

How much do plastic surgeons make could be described based on the conditions of their work. There is no doubt that they are specialists who have put in quite some years into training and development combined with the delicacy of their job. So the first approach to estimating how much plastic surgeon makes is to place it under a category, for instance, length of years.

The length of years or experience working as a plastic surgeon is one determinant of the salary for plastic surgeon. Those that have worked for less than a year also described as associates earn between $40.547 and $295,898. Then from 1-4 years, it ranges from $61.777 to $377.876 per year. Five to nine years is $58,723 to $518,980, while 10-19 years receive $60,000 to $457,000 per year. From 20 years and above should earn a figure ranging from $100,222 to $595,976 per year.

So you see that the figure varies with the amount of years put into the profession or rather, the extent of experience gained.

Another category that would also determine how much do plastic surgeons make is the type of surgery they do. There are plastic surgeons that perform reconstructive surgery from deformity by burns, accidents and mishaps. And there are cosmetic surgeons who carry out face lifts, tummy tuck, liposuctions and the kind primarily for aesthetic purposes.

Where a plastic surgeon has his practice could also determine the salary he receives. This is because there are locations where the cost of Medicare is less than others. Take for instance; the salary for plastic surgeon in LA where the celebs are will be better paid than those in Kentucky. You get the picture?

In California, the salary for plastic surgeon is in the range of $95,734 to $503,353 per year; for Massachusetts, its $196,527 to $308,368 while for Texas, plastic surgeons earn from $45,000 to $464,000 per year.

From the figures seen, plastic surgeons earn a lot but it varies, most especially as a result of their skill and work experience years. There are also public and private healthcare centers where earnings vary. Exclusive private medical centers are quite expensive and their doctors are better paid than their counterparts in general hospitals.

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